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Company Profile :

We are introducing India's first Instrusion Alarm System with GSM.

Sai Secure Solutions acquires, develops and licenses innovative technologies founded on strong IP. Our proprietary technologies, backed by numerous patents, are trusted by corporations, governments and financial institutions around the world. Sai Secure Solutions has been a leader in anti-counterfeit, authentication, and diversion protection technologies. Our custom security programs are designed to protect against product diversion, counterfeit, theft, and other costly and damaging occurrences.

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Sai Secure Solutions was founded to develop and commercialize important Brand Protection innovations, and this heritage is central to our business today. We continue to pursue innovation throughout our product divisions, and our Technology Management division actively invests business experience, legal expertise and capital to develop and

CCTV Camera's

Fire Alaram Systems

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Bio-metric Systems

Electro Magnitic Systems

Video Door Alaram's